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Valerie, love when my neck is kissed
Valerie, 26 y.o.
VIP Escort from

Coming from Wyoming it was a very very active childhood, we didn't watch tv and spent most of our time outdoors, I loved it!

Ivette, Got any lotion?
Ivette, 24 y.o.
VIP Escort from
Gas City

I am from a small town that has 2 stop lights, I grew up with manners and I know how to treat a man

Roxanne, Never a dull moment
Roxanne, 23 y.o.
VIP Escort from

I love being from the windy city, I miss going to the waterfront and just walking for hours feeling the wind come off the lake.

Chantel, just can't get enough
Chantel, 22 y.o.
VIP Escort from

I am from Portland, a big city with a small town feel. I grew up taking weekend trips to the ocean and tried going to the waterfall statue whenever i could.

Patricia, Have you been bad?
Patricia, 21 y.o.
VIP Escort from
Ashland City

I come a small town just outside Nashville, I love going to the cumberland river and just sitting out and watching all that nature has to offer when you live near the woods!

Amy, Like what you see?
Amy, 21 y.o.
VIP Escort from

Reno isn't much different from Vegas, The biggest thing to me is the mountains, I love the mountains.

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